Twitter Marketing Tips For New Bloggers

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Twitter marketing hacks for blogs

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Looking to get free traffic from Twitter? In this blog post I'm going to share some Twitter marketing tips I've learned along the way.

Before we start, let me make something clear:

Don't get too caught up trying to get traffic from Twitter to your new blog. The goal is just to set up a system to get passive traffic from Twitter.

For a new blog I would focus 100% (well maybe 99%) of my energy into Pinterest marketing. That's because, unlike Twitter, Pinterest was designed to send bloggers like you boatloads of traffic.

Alright, let's get started. Here are my Twitter marketing tips for new bloggers.


First things first. Your profile game needs to be on point. To create a kickass Twitter profile you need to:

Have A Great Profile Photo

Your profile photo needs to be a photo of your face. If you want people to engage with your profile and follow you, retweet your posts and visit your website, you need to be a real person.

Profile photos on Twitter are not very big, so choose a close up picture of your face. Nothing fancy needed here, just snap a selfie where you're looking at the camera and smiling.

Take Advantage Of your Twitter Cover Photo

Don't waste this space with a pointless picture. For your cover photo, choose a picture of you doing something related to your niche.

A beautiful panoramic shot with you doing an activity is always a good look. This is especially true if you are the focal point of your blog.

  • Food blog? Maybe a shot of some food you cooked up.
  • Travel blog? You can be on top of a mountain.
  • Health blog? How about a shot of you meditating at the beach.

In short, your cover photo should "sell the dream".

Write A KickAss Profile Bio

Your Twitter bio needs to be short and sweet. You have only 160 characters to work with, so you need to choose your words wisely.

Here's the formula for the perfect Twitter bio:

  • 1. Introduction. Who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?
  • 2. Social proof. Why should someone listen to you?
  • 3. Call to action. Go to my blog, join my email list, buy my product, etc.

Now that we have designed a visually appealing Twitter profile, it's now time to get some eyeballs on your profile.


The more people we put our content in front of, the higher the possibility of getting our content re-shared over and over again. And on Twitter, this won't happen unless you have a lot of Twitter followers. Here's how to increase your Twitter follower count.

Let's Identify Influencers First

No matter what your blog or website is about, there are others in the same field who are ahead of you. These are the leaders of your industry and you need to know who they are.

Identify several influencers who are in the same niche as you - but have a much bigger audience.

Begin Following Targeted Users

You don't want to go nuts and follow everyone. Aggressive following and unfollowing is against Twitters' terms and following a bunch of random people isn't going to get you anywhere.

Here's how to do it: Instead, see who recently follows some bigger names in your space and follow those accounts.

  • Research. Go to an influencers Twitter profile and see their Followers.
  • Follow recent followers only. They are the ones listed at the top.
  • Don't do too many. There are hourly, daily and account limits, so be selective on who to follow.
  • Be selective. Skip over profiles without a picture, spam accounts or those in other languages.

By targeting only active Twitter users you will begin to see some of them follow you back.

retweet your new followers' posts

You got to give a little to get a little. Retweet some niche-related tweets from your new followers. Giving a follow + a retweet is a good way to show up in their notifications more than once.

Doing this will make it much more likely that they will retweet your posts as well.


Twitter followers are good, but nowhere near as good as an email subscriber. That's because the odds that someone sees a tweet from you is somewhere between slim and none. But an email? 

What we're going to try and do is convert a Twitter follower into an email subscriber.

How do we get a follower to join our email list? You just ask them.

It's so freaking simple yet many bloggers ignore this step. What's the worst that can happen? They unfollow you? Oohhh I'm shaking in my boots!

Don't be afraid to start a conversation with them.

When you receive a follow, send a non-automated follow up message. You can copy/paste but be sure to personalize at least their name.

Slide into their DM's with this template!


Hey (insert their first name, look it up on their Twitter name or bio)!

Thank you for your recent follow.

(Make a comment about something you saw on their profile)

(Mention your lead magnet and include a link to your landing page)

(Personal sendoff, Your name and URL)


With this tactic you are doing the following:

  • Being personal by addressing them by name.
  • Being grateful for their follow.
  • Showing you took the time to look at their profile.
  • Offering value about a topic they are interested in.
  • Your signoff shows you're a real human being, not a bot.

The end result will be a Twitter user who doesn't feel like they are being spammed and actually has an interest in what you're giving them.


Okay we're done with what you can do directly on Twitter and now let's move on to what you can do on your actual blog to take your Twitter marketing to another level.

Let's talk share icons.

You need to give your readers the chance to share your blog on Twitter. I recommend using the SocialWarfare Pro to add share icons on your blog posts.

I have tested AddThisAddToAnyShareaholic (and more). Heck, I have even gone as far as designing my own icons and including the share code by hand.

Here is what I have learned: Just don't waste your time and use the SocialWarfare plugin.

This is what the big boys use. The industry leaders in your niche are using this plugin. They might not tell you. Heck, they might not even answer you if you ask them. But trust me they are using this plugin.

Here's why I use SocialWarfare Pro:

  • Social proof. You can choose to publicize your share counts or not (or only publicize them once they reach X amount of shares).
  • Custom Twitter image. You can activate Twitter cards which means that in each post you can designate a specific image to be used when anyone mentions your blog post.
  • Icons location. You can choose where you want your icons: at the top of the post, the bottom of the post, or both. Plus you can choose to use floating buttons, which stay on the page as the user scrolls.
  • Automatically adds your username. When someone shares your content on Twitter, your handle is included in the tweet. The plugin adds "via @username" to the end of the tweet.
  • UTM tracking. You can activate UTM tracking for the URL being shared so you can see sharing stats in Google Analytics.


How do you have your readers share your blog posts on Twitter more often? It's simple, just ask them to share it. Is it really that simple? Yes, yes and yes!

Here's a quote from Nora Roberts from her book The Gallaghers Of Ardmore Trilogy.

We will end every blog post with a Call To Action (CTA). If you don't tell your readers what to do, they won't do anything.

Every one of my blog posts ends with a call to action. For this post, my call to action is for readers to share this post on Twitter.


If you want your article to be shared on Twitter, the content needs to be AWESOME. Make your content so good, Twitter users will want to share it.

solve a problem

If you want social shares, solve a problem your ideal reader is having. Write content so good, you become the go-to source for the solution to this problem.

Start With An Awesome Title

Use numbers, your targeted keyword and power words for a click-worthy headline.

I use Thrive's Headline Optimizer to test different headlines and then let the plugin pick the winner for me.

Use Images Throughout Your Content

Let's be honest, text is boring. Using images throughout your content keeps the reader engaged. This could be screenshots, but it can also just be stock images. I use (free) and DepositPhotos (paid).

Write List Style Posts

Love them or hate them, list style posts are the epitome of shareable content.

Readers love to skim the key points in an article and list style posts with headings allow them to do just that.

Write Conversational Content

The most important tip I can give as far as writing great content is to make it FUN. I don't care what topic you're writing about, you can spice up any topic.

When you write your blog posts, write in a conversational way if you're talking to someone. You're not writing a research paper at school!


A great way of getting your content shared and seen by thousands is by having an influencer in your niche retweet your blog post.

This will put your content in the eyes of tens of thousands of their followers. You can leverage an influencers huge Twitter following and turn them into fans of your own blog.

Here's how to get this done.

  • Step 1. Mention them in your blog post. Link to not only their Twitter profile, but to their website.
  • Step 2. Send a DM and let them know you mentioned them in your blog post.

  • Step 3. Ask them if they would share the post with their followers on Twitter.
  • Step 4. You can make it even easier by giving them the actual link to  your Twitter post so they can retweet it.

This Twitter marketing tip really works because a backlink is typically way more valuable than a tweet.

However, if your blog is new (and their are big on Twitter), then it's a fair exchange.


Twitter posts which contain an image have higher engagement rates. This doesn't mean you have to manually add an image to each tweet you share though.

An image will be shown in your tweet automatically if you have Twitter Cards activated.

To activate Twitter cards just use the SocialWarfare Pro plugin I mentioned earlier. The plugin will automatically add "Open Graph" meta tags (for Facebook and LinkedIn) and Twitter cards (for uh, Twitter) to your blog posts.

If you don't choose a specific image for the plugin to use, it will use your featured image.

I create a custom image for each of my posts as my featured image which I also use for Twitter.

I create my images in Canva and use their default image size which is 1024x512. Just search for the Twitter Post design so you can choose from one of the templates they have.


Another great part of the Social Warfare plugin is its Click To Tweet feature. You can add a Click To Tweet directly into your blog posts to encourage even more sharing.

What could be easier than a single click to share your content? Using these within your posts is sure to give a boost to your Twitter share count.

It works best when it's a quote or a major point you're making in the article. For example, here's a click-to-tweet for this post:


Okay I've saved the best for last.

I started this article telling you that I would not spend waste my time trying to get Twitter traffic. I would instead focus on Pinterest since it's way easier.

But that doesn't mean I ignore Twitter, it means I don't spend hardly any time on Twitter.

What I've done is automate Twitter marketing to get (free) passive traffic from Twitter.

I use Social Pilot to schedule my tweets for months in advance.

This is how I do it.

  • Create a spreadsheet. I use Google Sheets, but any spreadsheet will do.
  • Add your tweets, one per line. I write 5 different tweets per article in addition to tweeting inspirational quotes.
  • Save the file as a csv. Go to File > Download As > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet)
  • Create a posting schedule. On Social Pilot, add your Twitter account and set a posting schedule. You pick the number of times per day you post and the time.
  • Schedule your posts. On Social Pilot, go to Posts > Bulk Schedule. Upload the file, choose your Twitter account and you're done.
  • The hands-off approach. To schedule your content for months in advance, copy + paste the content in your spreadsheet again and again until you have hundreds (or thousands) of lines. 2,500 queued posts (the max) at 6 tweets per day is 400+ days of updates!

You can start using Social Pilot here. You can use it for 14 days to try it out without entering any payment info.

At the moment, Twitter does NOT have an algorithm like Pinterest has. The content you see on your feed is posted in chronological order. Until this changes, posting more frequently is the best way to increase the visibility of your tweets.

Twitter Marketing Tips For New Bloggers

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