Internal Links for SEO: How to Rank Higher on Google Search

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Internal links and SEO

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There are lots of ranking factors for Google search, too many to count. But one often overlooked one is internal linking. If you're looking for an SEO tip to give your pages a boost in the rankings, you're going to want to look into your internal linking structure - if you have one.

What are internal links?

An internal link is when you link to another one of your blog posts. A good example of internal links is the related posts section many blogs have.

Having internal links is super important for two reasons.

  • It helps human readers of your site find other relevant content.
  • They also help Google fully crawl and better understand what your site is about.

Overall, internal links can have a huge impact on your site, not only from a visitor’s perspective but also from Google's.

Why build internal links?

​A tried and true SEO strategy is building external links, but far too often we ignore building internal links to our own content.

Here’s why you need to be building internal links:

  • Your website structure needs to look like a tangled web of links, to let Googlebot crawl multiple pages per visit.
  • You need to tell Google which content is most important, by pointing more internal links to it.

A smart internal link strategy helps Google understand the relevance, relationship, and value between pages.

Google actually wants you to add internal links

It’s been pretty well established that trying to manipulate the search results with questionable backlink tactics is frowned upon. Yes, I’m talking about buying links.

Google doesn’t want you buying links. They want you to create great content and get links naturally over time (see Google’s rules on backlinks here).

But, when it comes to internal links, that’s another thing entirely.

Google doesn’t really have a problem with internal links (source), as long as you don’t go overboard with thousands of links on a page.

Internal links are like awesome tunnels that Googlebot can go through to visit more of your pages. The more you can help it navigate your website, the better.

Not only that but using descriptive anchor text (keywords) is a good idea too.

Internal linking strategy for blogs

A simplified example of a good internal linking strategy goes like this:

Internal Link Strategy

While this looks orderly, it will be (and should be) messier. There are good reasons to link posts in different categories together and linking between featured content too, where it makes sense.

How to add internal links fast

For 15+ years I've had to do this manually on each of my websites. Well, not anymore thanks to the LinkWhisper WordPress plugin. It was the answer to my internal linking headache.

LinkWhisper uses artificial intelligence to help you find more relevant links faster, removing the time-consuming process of editing blog posts one by one.

LinkWhisper features

Internal link plugin for WordPress

Here’s what you can do with LinkWhisper:

  • Get relevant internal link suggestions right on the Edit post page.
  • Add links to new pages from your old posts instantly. ← this is a game-changer!
  • See how many links (internal and external) each post has.
  • Automatically add links (even affiliate links) based on keywords.
  • Bulk URL changer to change all mentions of an old URL to the new one.
  • Find and fix broken links in one click.

And yes, the tool works with page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Thrive Architect.

There is also a link report that shows you how many internal and external links each page has. This is useful in identifying “orphan” pages, or pages with zero links pointing to it.

With this report, you can also spot opportunities to add affiliate links, especially if you’re already linking to a site like Amazon without using your affiliate link.

What others think of LinkWhisper

“Link Whisper has allowed us to easily link our content together, which makes the articles and topics on our site easier to navigate for our readers, plus we can pass SEO value to our older content.

It’s really helped us grow our organic traffic over the last year!”

- Daniel Cody, Editor-in-Chief,

“I had mistakenly thought a related post plugin was helping my internal links out before but realized I need to add them in the actual content to over 200 pages! Link Whisper made this super easy.

A few weeks after I finished, my traffic started climbing and in April we more than doubled our traffic without posting too many new articles!”

- Jeremy Hood,

“Link Whisper is an absolute must for any content marketer. Within minutes, you'll see the immense value and time savings that Link Whisper provides. No longer will you need to remember relevant articles to link in your posts.

Link Whisper smartly uses artificial intelligence to suggest related content to link to, building your internal link structure. 

If you're pressed for time Link Whisper can be set to associate your written content to words or phrases then link to them automatically. Link Whisper makes internal link building a hands-off, hassle-free way to build your internal links within your website. It's favorably priced and updated often. 

The Link Whisper plugin is a must for bloggers and content marketers who use WordPress, I won't create content without it.”

- Beau Brewer,

“AMAZING amazing tool for internal linking. Works with page builders, 'regular' WordPress - AND the links stay even if you deactivate or REMOVE the plugin!

No Hype - best internal linking plugin I’ve EVER used - used it to scale internal linking on a clients 5,000+ page website, plus all of my affiliate websites.

I'm a fan for life!”

- Jeff Lenny,

What I think of LinkWhisper

After installing the tool, I cleared up my broken links and found lots of new opportunities to add affiliate links in older content. Within 5 minutes, my purchase was already was worth it!

In addition to adding links, I’ve used LinkWhisper to delete links just as much. Being able to identify outgoing links to outdated sources was super easy to find and replace.

I also like how the links are “hardcoded” on the site. Meaning, that if you uninstall the app, your links will remain (source).

You can see a video of how it all works below.


This WordPress plugin helps you add internal links throughout your blog, helping you push link juice to all the right pages.

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