How to Make Money Tutoring Online

How to Make Money Tutoring Online

How to make money tutoring online

More learning than ever is taking place in front of a computer these days, which means it’s the perfect time to make money teaching something you know.

While you can create and sell an online course, another option to share your knowledge is to make money tutoring online.

How to get started as an online tutor

Though it may seem like hard work, finding an online tutoring job is easier than you think.

You can either offer tutoring and get paid by the hour, or you can sign up to teach classes online.

To offer classes online, you can sign up with Outschool here and follow the steps to complete your profile.

While it’s not exactly tutoring, with Outschool, you’re signing up as a teacher to offer a class that students can register for.

There is an onboarding process and background check to go through, but after you’re set up, you have the opportunity to make good money teaching on Outschool.

To sign up for per hour tutoring, you can look at

What are the benefits of working as an online tutor?

Online tutoring is a great way for college students and others to make money while teaching a subject you’re passionate about.  

With online tutoring, you have full control over your hours as well as where you work every day. The flexibility that comes with online tutoring can make it easy to fit the work in with your busy routine and to take breaks when you need them.

Tutoring can also help you hone your own skills and master whatever subject you’re teaching. Tutors often report feeling more confident and motivated as they notice the deep rewards that come with helping others, according to the National Tutoring Association

How much money can you make as an online tutor?

Online tutors can make anywhere between $21 and $27 an hour for most subjects. But, tutors for specialty subjects like test preps for SAT courses can make much more.

Pay as an online tutor largely depends on how much experience you already have as an online tutor, your education or training in the subject area that you’re mentoring in, and the current supply and demand for tutors in that field.

Is there a big demand for online tutors in 2021?

The demand for online tutors has never been greater. As many people continue working and learning from home, tutors play a crucial role by helping kids keep up with their schoolwork.

The online tutoring service Varsity Tutors reported gaining hundreds of thousands of new users when the pandemic began shutting down schools (source).

Analysts predicted the U.S. private tutoring market will be close to $218 billion by 2027 (source).

What subjects are most in demand?

There is significant demand for online tutoring across a wide range of learning subjects.

Reading and math are typically two subjects that students seek the most help for. College students are also seeking out more tutoring services for general education classes as well as advanced courses in their field of study.

Other classes, like exam preparation services for the ACT and SAT, are also always in demand.

What equipment do you need to become an online tutor?

To get started, you’ll at least need a computer with a reliable internet connection.

It may also be helpful to eventually invest in a set of headphones and a quality microphone so you can easily communicate with your students over the computer.

If you’re teaching someone how to play a musical instrument or do something with their hands, you may need to invest in a different type of camera so they can easily see what you’re showing them.

From there, you’ll have to consider what teaching tools would be most helpful for specific lessons. For example, maybe you need to explain how to do something by drawing it out visually.

To do that online, you’ll likely need a software program that allows you to share your sketches over the computer. One program is Whiteboard Fox, which shares virtual drawings in real-time online.

It’s good to do some research beforehand and have a few online resources in your toolbox so you can be ready to answer questions and share information in a variety of ways depending on your student’s learning style.

As you get busier and gain more clients, you can also consider investing in a lesson planning system to help organize your notes and learning materials for each student. There are software programs (like Tutorbird) designed specifically for online tutors to track their paperwork and schedules.

Do you need a college degree to become an online tutor?

Not all subjects require tutors to have a college degree or even any formal training. Some online tutoring services do have requirements – such as a bachelor’s degree or college experience – to work through their sites.

Luckily, there are still plenty of options for online tutors who don’t have a college degree. Education requirements typically depend on the subject matter and difficulty level of the content you’re teaching.

For example, a high school math whizz can be well-qualified to tutor an elementary school student on simple math assignments but probably couldn’t tutor another student at the college level. 

More advanced subjects, especially at the college and graduate level, may require that you have a degree in the subject you’re teaching. Always be honest with your clients on your qualifications so they receive the best help they can get. 

If you don’t have a college degree, but you want to appear more professional and boost your tutoring resume, you can consider becoming a certified tutor through the NTA. The certification process requires special training, a background check, and paying annual fees.   

Is online tutoring right for me? 

Tutoring requires a bit of time and patience, but once you find your stride and notice how your students improve, it can be a truly rewarding job.

Online tutoring is an especially great option if you’re an aspiring teacher or you’re interested in pursuing further education in a specific field of study. Tutoring gives you valuable, real-life experience to learn from and refer to later in life. Plus, regular tutoring helps keep your skills sharp and explore different teaching methods.

Best tutoring apps and sites to make money tutoring online


Set up a class and curriculum for your online students to register for.


Students can get instant homework help from their directory of the best online tutors.

You can find local tutors or online tutors on a wide variety of subjects.


Offers 24/7 online tutoring for 300+ subjects, as well as countless test prep subjects.

Step Up Tutoring

Here, you can donate your time and volunteer to tutor underprivileged children.


On-demand math tutoring, from simple math all the way to Calculus.


Set your rate based on your experience and qualifications and get paid by direct deposit.

Varsity Tutors

Be your own boss and work as an independent contractor, setting up your own hours, pay rates, and teaching method.

Growing Stars

Students can sign up and be paired with a tutor to help boost their grades.


Want to find a high-paying tutoring job? Look at the listings for tutoring jobs available at Flexjobs. After a quick search, I found companies looking to hire a graphic design tutor, a test prep teacher, and a writing tutor. Plus, they were all remote jobs with good hourly rates.


Want to make money answering questions? You can make good money using only your knowledge and your keyboard at Studypool.

Oftentimes, finding answers to questions requires little more than time and some ability to use Google search.

For example, after a quick search, I found a user willing to pay $30 for help finding examples of brands that disrupted their industries. After doing a Google search, I was able to find several articles giving examples – more than enough to answer the user’s question.


Do you speak multiple languages? If so, you can help others learn a new language on italki.

You can apply as either be a professional teacher or as a community tutor. Either way, you can set your own hours and set your own price.

Wrapping it up

Now it’s on to you. Sign up with one (or more) tutoring sites and start selling your expertise!

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