How To Create Your First Blog [Newbie Guide]

How To Create Your First Blog [Newbie Guide]

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Learning how to create a blog was the best decision I've ever made. Before we get started, let me introduce myself first...

Hi I'm Edwin! I went from broke and hopeless to making six figures blogging in just 3 years.

Before creating my first blog I was unemployed with a daughter on the way. I HAD to do something. I heard about bloggers making lots of money online and dove head first!

Just like you today, I created a blog from scratch with just a dream of a better life for me and my family.

Here's what I learned: Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. And boy did I learn that the hard way.

My first year of blogging was rough. I made a grand total of $0 my first YEAR of blogging.

In short, I did everything wrong. I was looking for schemes and tricks to make money. Whatever the flavor of the month was, I was on it. As a result, I wasted so much time chasing my own tail. I was working hard, but not working smart.

When my savings ran out - shit got real.

I sold my belongings and moved to a more affordable house. It was now or never. Rather than quit, I went ALL IN. I invested what little money I had into blogging courses to learn how to create a money making blog - the right way.

This was a game changer and turned out to be the best investment I ever made. Fast forward 3 years later and I now earn a six figure income as a full time blogger.

why you Should Create A Blog.

Why should you start a blog? How could starting a blog change your life today?

Okay enough about me. It's not about me, it's about you. So is blogging right for you? Let me go over a few reasons why creating a blog is the best investment you could ever make.

  1. 1
    the barrier to entry is low - no technical knowledge is required

Many people are put off by the technical side of blogging. But nowadays it is all point & click and drag & drop. You can start a blog without ever even seeing a single line of code!

  1. 2
    it is stupidly cheap to create a blog

For just the cost of a cup of coffee per month you can have your very own blog up and running. I go over more of the costs of creating a blog here.

  1. 3
    Blogging allows you to earn a passive income.

Your blog can make you money 24/7. Yes, your blog can even make you money while you sleep. There's really no better feeling than waking up to PayPal notifications of sales on your phone.

  1. 4
    blogging is the perfect side hustle for busy moms and dads

Blogging is awesome because you can devote as much (or as little) time as you want to it. I know most people just can't quit their jobs and become full-time bloggers. The beauty in blogging is that you don't have to.

Even in your spare time it is possible to create a blog that earns you some sweet side hustle money!

  1. 5
    the blogger lifestyle is real yo

Blogging isn't just about the money - but the lifestyle that comes with it. In fact, that's probably more important. Since becoming a full time blogger I can travel whenever I want, dress however I want and work wherever and whenever I want to. In short, blogging = freedom.

  1. 6
    blogging lets you finally escape the rat race

Imagine getting up early every morning to drive to a job you hate with a boss you hate even more. Then doing it all over again the next day. And every day thereafter until you're old and gray.

This is the sad reality for like 99% of the population. There's another option though: becoming your own boss. Blogging lets you escape the 9 to 5 rat race, create your own destiny and live the life you deserve.

Listen, I can go on forever but if you are still not convinced, I wrote a piece on why blogging is the best job in the world here.

Blogging Basics Before We Get Started

Before we dive in and create a blog let's go over some basic blogging lingo first.

  1. 1
    what is the difference between a blog and a website?

A blog is a type of website that is updated with fresh new content on a regular basis.

Blogs are written in an informal / conversational style. They are more personal and have a comments section where you can interact with the writer and readers can interact with each other.

When you have a blog with valuable information that updates consistently, you have a blog that people (and Google Search) will love!

  1. 2
    what is the difference between a blog name and a domain name? 

Let me use my blog as an example. My blog name is Edwin Dollars while my domain name is

If you're serious about making money with your blog - you need your own domain name.

While you can create a free blog at countless sites such as, and, nothing compares to owning your own domain name.

You can purchase a domain name for your blog at GoDaddy or get one for free with your hosting plan from Bluehost.

I have a handy guide on choosing a domain name here by the way.

Have some ideas for your own domain name? Check their availability below!

Speaking of hosting...

  1. 3
    what is hosting and do you need it?

Just like a physical store has to pay rent, a website has to pay rent as well.

A hosting company will physically "host" your blog on their servers and handle all the behind-the-scenes tech stuff.

Many people start a blog on a free host. But if you're serious about making money blogging - you need a paid host.

I've partnered with Bluehost to offer my readers a ridiculous discount through this link only.

  1. 4
    what is wordpress?

WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) and is the blog platform we'll be using. If you choose to start your blog with Bluehost, WordPress comes pre-installed - easy peasy!

Using WordPress as your blog platform is by far the easiest way to create your blog.

can you still make money blogging?

I get asked this question all the time. People often times think they are "late" to the blogging game. That's exactly what I thought too. Had I decided to shrug my shoulders and give up before I even got started, I would not be where I am today.

The reality is that great content is in short supply. In a world of bait-click headlines, sites full of ads and even articles written with artificial intelligence, what the world needs more of is authenticity.

So, can you still make money blogging? The answer is of course you can!

But as with everything in life, success won't be handed to you. You need to work hard and have a clear plan to have any chance of making real money blogging.

To be honest, I'm a pretty lazy person. But when it comes to blogging, I hustle like there's no tomorrow! It's so different when you're working for yourself instead of a boss.

What about you? How bad do you want this? How much would $1,000 per month help you right now?

The bottom line is this: If you want it bad enough... you can do anything!

it helps to have some help 🙂

If you are excited about creating a blog but a bit nervous about the process. I don't blame you. There's so much information out there it's hard to know what to do first.

To help my readers through the beginning of their blogging journey I've created a premium blog course: Launch Your Blog. If you a serious about making this whole blogging thing work, I highly recommend it.

I've been a victim of creating a blog that made me absolutely nothing. Worse yet, I actually invested money into my blog without ever seeing a red cent back.

I didn't make any money because, while I was working hard, I was blogging aimlessly! I had no vision, no real goals, no one to learn from, I was straight up lost.

After figuring out how to start a money making blog (the hard way!), I created a course that gives you all the shortcuts and removes all the headaches that comes with blogging. You can read more about it here.

Step 1: choose a profitable blog topic

Choosing a profitable niche for your blog.

If you want to make money blogging the most important tip I can leave with you today is this: You have to pick the right niche.

Sure, you might love writing about fashion or celebrities, but how do you plan on making money from those niches?

That's the problem many newbie bloggers face. They get so excited creating their first blog, only to realize they can't monetize it.

You need to pick a niche that has products or services you can market online. Here are examples of profitable blog niches:

  • Weight Loss (building muscle and losing fat)
  • Money (making money and saving money)
  • Parenting (hello mom blogs!)
  • Health & Wellness (mental health, relationships, healthy eating)

See my list of the 20 most profitable niche ideas here.

Step 2: choose a domain name

A lot of people get stuck at this step. Don't.

There's no such thing as the perfect domain. In fact, all the good ones are already taken. It is your content that matters! Plus, you can always change your domain name later (and redirect your existing traffic).

I put up a quick guide on how to choose a domain name here.

Step 3: choose a host for your blog

A good webhost is affordable, fast and doesn't have downtime.​

Here are the hosts that fit the bill:

I recommend Bluehost because they are newbie-friendly. WordPress comes pre-installed and you can be set up in less than 15 minutes.

Step 4: Sign up for hosting

With Bluehost, choose the basic plan. It costs less than 3 bucks a month if you pre-pay for 3 years (by the way, getting hosting for under $100 for 3 years is INSANE!). But if you're short on cash you can pay less than $60 and opt for the $4.95 rate.

Either way, un-check the package extras to reveal your final price.

Bonus tip: This may or not may work, but try moving your cursor to exit from the page and see if you get a pop-up for an additional discount.


There's plenty of free blog themes to choose from. If you want to get started right away, choose a design you like and get to blogging!

But I have to break it to you, free blog themes are either basic AF or have a paid version they'll frustrate you into upgrading to.

I say this because if you choose a free theme you'll soon realize that you can't really customize your blog - unless you learn how to code.

If you want to have full control of your blog design, I suggest going with a drag & drop blog builder like the Divi from Elegant Themes.

Step 6: launch . your . blog!

There's so much more to go through to turn your blog into a success. But honestly, the hard part is over. That first step is always the hardest.

From here you can read my guides on writing your first blog post, how to write an awesome about me page and my list of essential WordPress plugins.

And if you're interested in enrolling in my blog course, go here.

Holy cow you made it to the end! I'm proud of you rockstar.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments section below and I'll be glad to help.

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How To Create Your First Blog [Newbie Guide]
  • Deb says:

    Hello, nice blogging matters here. I started my blog since one month and my niche is pet photography; maybe not the richest one but the others are already a mess and saturated…

  • Winnie Xu says:

    Wow, I’m so impressed with how you were able to make blogging into such a successful career! I always saw blogging as more of a hobby/interest rather than a full-time job.

    One of the greatest highlights of a blogging career does seem to be the independence you get from self-employment. But it does seem like it would be a very long journey to get there.

    How were you able to stay motivated and committed during the first year with no profits?

    • Edwin says:

      You need to follow a blueprint that others have followed (and been successful with) before you.

      This is the only way to keep pushing through the beginning months of a new blog.

      That, and a faith in yourself.

  • Hey Edwin,

    Loved your strategy on picking up the niche. IMO, picking up a niche is the most important part of starting a blog. You can change almost anything afterward (name, hosting, theme, etc.) but not the niche.

    Thanks for a great article.

    • Edwin says:

      Yes you can’t change the niche without starting over, so it’s best to make sure you choose a profitable niche right from the start.

  • >