4 Blog Post Ideas to Start Your Blog With a Bang!

4 Blog Post Ideas to Start Your Blog With a Bang!

First blog post ideas for beginners

Short on blog post ideas for your new blog? You’re in the right place! Many new bloggers struggle with trying to come up with blog post ideas – especially for their first blog post.

What I hope to accomplish in this article is to give you ideas on blog post topics that actually get you traffic.

Ready to start your blog off with a bang?

Let’s do this.

How to write your first blog post

Before I get too ahead of myself, if you have yet to set up your blog, I wrote an in-depth guide on how to start a blog (and make money) here.

If you have your domain, hosting, and WordPress blog already set up, you are ready to begin writing your first blog post.

Let’s log in to your WordPress admin, go to Posts > Add New to get started.

From here, you can make changes like adding a title, changing the slug (the URL of the post), adding a featured image, and choosing your category/tags.

If you’re using a free WordPress theme you can start creating your article using Gutenberg blocks.

You can instead choose to write your first blog post on Google Docs (or something comparable), then copy and paste your article directly into WordPress.

If you are using a “page builder” like Divi, Thrive Architect or Elementor, you can write your blog posts using that interface.

My workflow for writing a blog post

Everybody has their own workflow when it comes to writing blog posts. Let me explain mine.

  • 1. Brainstorm topics.
  • 2. Keyword research.
  • 3. Competitor analysis.
  • 4. Write an outline.
  • 5. Fill in the rough first draft.
  • 6. Read it from the perspective of a reader and see if everything flows.
  • 7. Run it through Grammarly, expand on certain topics, make any final changes.
  • 8. Add internal links and add images with alt tags.
  • 9. Create a featured image using Canva Pro for the blog and social media.
  • 10 Schedule the blog post to be published at a later date.

Or to put this more simply: research, write, optimize, and publish.

Getting started writing your first blog post

Writing your first blog post can be daunting – especially if you don’t know what to write about or where to start.

But what if you can’t even start? What if you have writer’s block – and you haven’t even typed a word yet!

I know this feeling all too well.

There you are, staring at that cursed blinking cursor. Does it ever stop? Why aren’t the words coming out? Why am I talking to myself!

Yeah, I’ve been there. (In fact, I’m there right now!)

So how do we get un-stuck? No, you don’t need to meditate. No, there isn’t any specific type of mental exercise that does the trick.

You simply need to take action.

That means you have to start writing, even if what your writing is garbage at first. A rough first draft is better than an empty screen, I can tell you that much.

Want to know a secret? The first blog posts of some six-figure bloggers actually SUCK!

Every blogger, no matter how big, had to start somewhere. They were where you are at this very moment.

If you truly are bored you can go back in their archives and find their old blog content. Once you see just how bad some of their first blog posts were, you’ll see there’s no need to fear writing your first blog post.

How to find the right blog post topic

It does you no good for me to rattle off 100 random blog post ideas. What you write about completely depends on your blog niche and the goals of your blog.

If your goal is to get a lot of traffic fast, you should write about a popular trending topic.

If your goal is to grow organically, you should write about a popular evergreen topic.

If your goal is to connect with your reader and build a relationship, you need to write about something they truly care about and need help with.

But regardless of what you write about, you need to do keyword research first.

I’m not going to get too technical here, because this is your first blog post after all. But keyword research is the process of finding a blog post idea worth writing about.

The aim is to find a keyword phrase that people are already searching for on Google. You can learn more about how to optimize your blog for SEO here.

Here are my favorite keyword research tools to help me find the right keywords to use in my article.

  • Keywordtool.io – Uses Google autocomplete to give you more blog post ideas.
  • UberSuggest – Has basic data on how often a term is searched on Google.
  • SEMRush – Really advanced tool with volume, difficulty, and competitor analysis.

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty (that was awful) and find the best first blog post ideas that actually get you traffic!

The “Introduce Yourself” idea

While this type of blog post won’t get you a lot of traffic, it is far easier to write because it requires no research.

With this first blog post idea, you want to introduce who you are and what you can do for your readers.

It is important not to turn this into your life story. Save that for your about me page.

Yes, talk about how you got to this point, but all with the focus on why you started your blog (hopefully to help people with a specific problem).

Write naturally, you know, like a real human. Just let the words flow out from your brain to the screen. You can’t make a mistake if you’re speaking from the heart.

I wrote a step by step guide on how to write your about me page, complete with an about page template to go along with it.

If you want to have a read, see my about me page guide here.

Here are the 3 main points you want to hit in your blog post:

  • 1. Who you are

Who are you and why are you qualified to talk about this topic?

By the way, the best qualification isn’t a degree, but life experience.

  • 2. What is your “why”

What problems did you face along the way and how did you ultimately break through?

Why do you want to share your experience and help others?

  • 3. What to expect

What type of content readers can expect to see going forward?

In-depth how-to guides, personal stories, interviews?

Having a personal introduction as your first post is not a bad idea. It’s an easy way to just publish your first blog post and get it over it.

But since it doesn’t solve a problem your ideal reader is having, it doesn’t give much value to your reader, does it?

Well, the next idea sure does!

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The “Ultimate Guide” idea

If you want to be a real badass, start your blog with an Ultimate Guide On XYZ.

Whatever your blog niche is, write a thorough comprehensive (and epic) guide on the topic. This post should be long – very long. It’s something we in the biz call a “pillar post” or “cornerstone content”.

This blog post will end up being one of your most popular posts. It’s going to be the post that you link to from most of your future blog posts.

For me, two of my cornerstone pieces of content are my start a blog and free blogging tools articles.

Write an ultimate guide post as your first blog post and you will start growing your following from day 1. Readers will instantly see the value you create and will want to join your email list.

And there’s another added benefit.

Having an insanely great first blog post can lead to others in your niche referencing your content in their blog posts and sharing it on social media, giving you an instant boost in exposure.

To get additional exposure (and thus blog traffic), link to other authority websites in your blog posts.

Let them know via email (or slide in their DM’s on social) that you mentioned them.

At worst, you’ll get a “thank you”. And at best, you’ll get a future mention on their blog too. Either way, you are building a relationship with thought leaders in your niche!

The “Quotes Post” idea

This next idea is super easy and quick to create. This is a good blog post topic to write on if you are short on blog post ideas.

If you’re ever not feeling creative or are too tired to think, consider creating a Quotes post.

Here’s how this one works.

  • 1. Search for “your niche + quotes” in Google
  • 2. Compile a list of your favorite quotes relevant to your niche.
  • 3. Add these quotes to your first blog post.
  • 4. You can also create social media shareable images to go along with each quote using Canva Pro.
  • 5. Write an incredibly catchy headline like “43 (Ridiculous/Hilarious/Awesome/Insane) Quotes About (Your Niche).”

While this type of blog post isn’t the greatest in terms of solving a problem, it is highly shareable content that can go viral on Facebook.

To encourage the sharing of individual quotes (with a link back to your blog post) on Twitter, use a “Click To Tweet” plugin.

I recommend using the one from the Social Warfare WordPress plugin. You can see how a Click To Tweet widget works below. Click on it to see how the post looks on Twitter.

The “Roundup” idea

I love this blog post idea because you’re letting other bloggers do all the work.

Here is how to properly create a round-up blog post.

  • 1. Gather up a list of the authority bloggers in your niche (using Google).
  • 2. Add their blog name, URL, and contact info in a spreadsheet using Google Sheets.
  • 3. Email each one asking for advice on a topic important in your niche.
  • 4. Make it super simple for them to hit reply, send their answer and their link info.

In your email, let them know you plan to create a round-up post of experts and will be linking back to their site.

Most of them will write back with their tip, as bloggers never want to miss an opportunity for a free backlink!

Don’t forget to also add your own opinion in this article. Doing so will rub that authority onto you as well and allow you to be amongst the thought leaders in your niche.

When the round-up post is live, contact each of them again, let them know and share the link!

Finish off your email by kindly asking them to share your post (with their expert tip) on social media and/or mention it on their blog.

Get inspiration from other bloggers

Don’t know what to write about for your first blog post? Worry no more! I’ve saved the best tip for last.

Look at other bloggers in your niche to see what they are writing about.

The best bloggers don’t write about any random topic. Nope, they do thorough keyword research to find the best topics only.

You can take a massive shortcut and literally just get your blog post ideas directly from these bloggers.

But which of their articles are the best ones? Which blog post topics are the ones that get a lot of traffic? How can you tell?

Well, you can ask them of course. But short of that, there’s another way to tell.

Look at the homepage of a top blogger in your niche. Which blog posts are in their “featured content” section?

These are the BANGERS. If these blog post topics worked for them, they will work for you too.

When you’re new to blogging there should be lots of ideas on what to write. It’s downright impossible to create all the content all at once. So what you need is to have a space where you can jot down your article ideas.

I use the Meistertask app and have a Blog Post Ideas list. You can add more lists. For example, an In Progress and a Published list.

A really cool part about Meistertask is that you can move your cards (ideas) from one list to another. That way you visually see the progress of your ideas, all from inception to completion.

If all of this was been too overwhelming, realize that blogging is a process.

You will get better.

So don’t worry about writing the perfect first blog post and just do it already!

Messy action is better than no action at all.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you write your first blog post! And if you want to pay it forward and help me out, please save this post on Pinterest.

Until next time,
Edwin, DoSixFigures.com

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  3. Lots of great ideas and suggestions! I always seem to get writer’s block when I’m trying to be creative so I always jot down ideas that I get throughout the day. It’s also extremely reassuring to know that most bloggers go through a phase of uploading sucky material.

    Thank you for this insightful article!

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    Thanks for the ideas! I once hated listicles but after seeing blogs my engagement stats they really do work.

    1. So true. It’s the curiosity and easy reading that makes people click. And without clicks to headlines… you have no traffic.

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