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The 4 Step Plan To 10x Your Email List

Lesson 10 Module 5

Want to grow your income fast? Then you need to grow your tribe fast.

The size and growth rate of your email list matter much more than vanity metrics like blog traffic and social shares.

Focus your energy on growing your list fast and your bank account will thank you.

If your website is getting traffic but you're not getting a lot of subscribers, this email is for you.

Simply putting up a basic opt-in form on your pages isn't enough.

Think like a blog visitor, what would possess them to stop in their tracks and enter their email address?

The answer: the right offer.

While it sounds simple, it takes trial and error to find that perfect offer.

I'm going to show you how I use the list building WordPress plugin Thrive Leads to help me grow my email list fast.

With Thrive Leads, you can execute the 4 step action plan below and 10x your email list growth.

Step 1. Design a high converting email signup form

You don't need to be a web designer to design a high converting opt-in form. With Thrive Leads you can choose a pre-made template (there's 100+) and then customize it to your brand fonts and colors.

Step 2. Create an incentive your visitors actually want

Nobody wants to join a boring newsletter. To get more email subscribers you need to incentivize them. But rather than offering one freebie for your entire website, create several different offers.

Say you have 4 different blog categories. Consider creating a different offer for each of the posts in a given category.

Then, isolate your most popular content and create blog post-specific offers only for those pages.

By targeting a specific offer to the specific need of the reader, you'll have much higher conversion rates.

Step 3. Utilize advanced opt-in form types

To 10x your email list you're going to need more than just a form at the bottom of every blog post.

People who have big email lists got them by triggering the right offer at the right time and targeting it to the right person.

You shouldn't shy away from the more aggressive tactics like lightbox popups, welcome mats, slide ins, etc.

If you are offering something of value for free, you are actually providing a valuable service - not annoying the reader!

For example, I have an opt-in form offering my 4 day bootcamp that takes over the entire screen. But it's set up to show only when the user has scrolled 50% down or is about the leave the page, and only one time per user.

By taking the right precautions, you can have "in-your-face" signup forms that aren't too annoying.

Step 4. Test, test and test again

You don't know what works until you try it. With Thrive Leads you can A/B test anything.

You can test different opt-in incentives against each other, different colors, text and designs.

Then use the analytics data to see exactly which pages, forms and form locations subscribers are joining from. It is only through rigorous testing and looking at the data that you can land on the best converting offer.

While you can get Thrive Leads for only a one-time $67 fee, I recommend their Thrive Member plan ($19/mo). With it you get access to all of their products like the Thrive Architect page builder, Thrive Comments and Thrive Apprentice to create paid courses.

You can click here to sign up. Let me know if you have any questions about Thrive Leads and I'll be glad to help.

Until next time,