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Welcome email

Lesson 19 Module 4

Rather than just emailing the user a link to download your freebie, this welcome email is the perfect opportunity to welcome the user into your ecosystem.

What to write in your welcome email

The purpose of your welcome email is to:

1. Deliver the freebie and

2. Get them to open the next email

Many do the first step but completely ignore the second.

Your open rates for the welcome email are going to be really high (about 80%).

But your open rates for the second email will end up being half that amount (about 40%).

Just a few emails after that and you might be hovering around 20%.

So take the time to write a welcome email that encourages subscribers to open your entire email series.

Welcome email template

Your welcome email should be the start of a story and every email thereafter should advance this story.

Weave this story to your paid product and you have a high-converting email series.

Here's a welcome email template you can use:

Example subject: Your freebie enclosed inside!

Hi [first name | there]!

I'm [Name] and I help people [what you do] so they can [their end goal].

Thank you for [joining my list, enrolling in the course, etc.].

Here is a link to your freebie:

[link to lead magnet]

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of my best tips for [your ideal reader] who struggle with [problem your ideal reader has].

Tomorrow I'll share a story with you about how [preview of next email].

You're not going to want to miss it!

[Your personal sendoff]