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Promote your email list

Lesson 25 Module 4

Here are a few ways to promote your email list on your website.

On your most important pages

Your homepage is not the place to list your latest blog posts. Your homepage is one of the most important pages of your blog - so use it to your advantage.

The same goes for your about me page.

Take advantage of these important pages by showcasing your lead magnet front and center.

In your blog posts

I like to start from the end and work my way backwards.

If the end is your paid product (or an affiliate product), that's where you start.

The step before that would be your lead magnet. This lead magnet needs to closely relate to the final product.

One step before your lead magnet is your content.

Just like a landing page was created to promote your lead magnet, your content must also be created with the intent of getting subscribers.

For example:

Product #1 -> Lead Magnet #1 > Content #1A, Content #1B, Content #1C

Product #2 -> Lead Magnet #2 > Content #2A, Content #2B, Content #2C

Creating this type of structure ensures there is perfect synergy between the content you're creating and the final product you are promoting.


Many don't want to use popups on their websites, but the results prove they work.

Examples of popups include:

  • Welcome mat
  • Slide ins
  • Exit intent popup
  • Timed poup
  • Scroll depth popup

On Pinterest

While you should be creating multiple pin images for every blog post, you need to do the same for your lead magnets.

Add a thumbnail screenshot of your freebie in your pin designs like this:

With quizzes

Quizzes are an excellent way to grow your email list.

You can use an opt-in gate of sorts where the user needs to enter their email to see the results page.

Facebook ads are a great way of sending traffic to your quiz. You'll find many people on Facebook are willing to fill out a quick quiz to learn more about themselves or as a challenge.

Best of all, you can add share icons on the results page to encourage people to share their results and invite others to take the quiz.

For example: "I got X% on the [niche] quiz. Can you beat me?"

Everywhere else

Your lead magnet is the main entry point into your sales funnel, so you need to blast this freebie everywhere.

For example:

  • Make a YouTube video promoting your lead magnet
  • Host a webinar with your lead magnet being the giveaway
  • Guest post on other blogs and include a link to your landing page
  • Start a Facebook group and set up ap rule that users must sign up to your email list to be admitted into the group
  • Change your social media profile links to link to your landing page
  • Mention your lead magnet in your bio on Twitter, Instagram, etc.