Why Sales Funnels Work – Do Six Figures

Why Sales Funnels Work

Lesson 2

A sales funnel is the system you use to convert someone who visits your website into a customer.

When done right, your sales funnel has the power to educate, connect, and sell to your audience. Best of all, it's completely automated.

The steps in your funnel (and the order they're in) each serve a specific purpose. Take the wrong step and you'll lose the sale immediately.

Since I don't want you to mess this up, let me go through the different stages of a sales funnel and what you should do at each stage.

Top of the funnel (The awareness stage)

The top of the funnel starts with cold traffic. These are people coming to your website via Google search or social media.

The goal at this stage in the funnel is to turn website visitors into email subscribers.

To do this you need to offer a solid opt-in incentive such as a free ebook, a 5-day challenge, or a free course.

Middle of the funnel (The relationship stage)

Now that people are on your list, you're going to want to nurture those leads. Typically this means educating them and helping them fix a problem that exists in your niche.

The middle of the funnel is where the magic happens. These emails are where you build trust, entertain, educate, and connect with your audience using the power of storytelling.

Get the email series right and subscribers will be ready for the next stage.

Bottom of the funnel (The sales stage)

The bottom of the funnel is where subscribers turn into customers. If done right, by the time your audience reaches the bottom of your funnel, they are primed and ready to buy.

At this stage, you have identified a serious problem in your niche, discussed why this problem matters, and shown why you are the person qualified to fix this problem.

Weave your solution (product or affiliate offer) into your story and you're going to make money, simple as that.

So how do you put a sales funnel together?

In the next lesson, I'm going to show you the exact tools (both free and paid) you need to put together your own fully automated sales funnel.