4 Truths About Funnels – Do Six Figures

4 Truths About Funnels

Lesson 4

After building dozens of funnels I've found 4 truths on email funnels that ring true regardless of the niche.

1. Overdeliver value

In every email, don't just deliver value, but overdeliver value.

Don't worry about giving too much away for free. You won't make any sales by asking readers to trust you that the "good stuff" is behind a paywall.

'You need to prove it in your email series and actually help subscribers take one step forward in their journey.

2. Keep them entertained

While providing information is valuable, you won't get your emails opened if you're boring.

If you want people to open your emails, you need to keep them both informed and entertained (infotainment).

Inject your personality and share your journey to get your subscribers engaged, excited, and committed.

3. Form a connection

Instead of being a marketer, be a real person. This means sharing your mistakes, vulnerabilities, and triumphs and asking subscribers to share theirs.

I don't see email marketing as a place to sell, sell, sell. Instead, I see it as the perfect place to continue the conversation that started on your blog and build a connection by sharing personal experiences.

4. Facts tell, but stories sell

Instead of a random once-a-week email, create an email series where all of your emails are connected to each other.

In other words, create a story where you take subscribers through a yellow brick road that leads directly to your product, service, or affiliate offer.