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4 Tools to Build a Six-Figure Funnel

Lesson 3

You don't need countless expensive tools to run a six-figure funnel. You can do it with just 4 essential tools.

1. Blog

In the previous lesson, I went over how the top of the funnel is the Awareness stage. This is where you first get people to notice you.

While you can spend big bucks on ads to build an audience, having a blog is a much better choice.

When you add content to your website, you're creating a valuable resource that can bring you traffic for years to come.

Recommended tool: WordPress blog on a fast host like WPX.


Really fast hosting. Costs a bit more than others - but you're not going to find a faster host at this price point.

2. Page builder

In order to bring people into your ecosystem, you're going to need to create a landing page using a page builder.

On this landing page, describe your opt-in incentive and add an email signup form for users to opt-in to receive it.

You can send traffic to your landing page via ads, your blog content, or social media.

Recommended tool: Elementor or Thrive Architect


Visually design your blog posts using the most popular page builder for WordPress. Over 4M users.

3. Email marketing provider

To add email signup forms and send out automated emails, you need an email marketing provider.

You use an email marketing provider to:

- Add email signup forms on your website to collect subscribers.

- Create a series of emails that are drip-fed to subscribers after they sign up.

- Tag subscribers based on their interest, which allows you to send a highly targeted email series.

Recommended tool: ConvertKit


I use them to collect subscribers, tag them, and send them to an email sequence. A must-have!

4. Shopping cart tool

For the last step, you're going to need a way to process transactions and deliver your digital product.

To process credit cards, get a Stripe and PayPal account. You also need a shopping cart tool like SendOwl or ThriveCart (this is who I use).

Here are some of the powerful things you can do with them:

- Set up bump offers (the equivalent of "would you like fries with that?") to increase your average cart value.

- Set up upsells (and downsells) to create an additional opportunity to make a sale during the checkout process.

- Set up an affiliate program to allow your best customers to sell your product for you.

Recommended tool: SendOwl


You need this tool to sell your own products. They handle the checkout process and product delivery.