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Tools to Write Viral Headlines

Lesson 5

Here are some tools I use to help me write viral headlines


Helps with spelling and grammar in the free version. In the pro version it helps with wordiness, confidence, and synonyms for your headline.

Tool #1: Grammarly

Thrive Headline Optimizer

This WordPress plugin lets you input a few different headlines for a blog post. Then it conducts a test (based on user engagement metrics) to determine what's your best headline.

Tool #2: Thrive Headline Optimizer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This free tool gives you an instant score on your headline. You can add several headline ideas and see which one is best.

Tool #3: Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Yoast SEO

You can (and should) write different headlines for different traffic sources. A good headline for Google might be lousy for social media and vice versa.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can write a headline for Google's eyes only. You can also specify a different headline for Twitter and Facebook.

SEO headline

You can edit your SEO headline directly from the WordPress post page on the Yoast SEO tab. Click on the title and write your custom "meta title" here.

An SEO headline needs to have the exact keyword phrase you're targeting early in the title. Your title should also be short so it doesn't get cut off in Google's search results.

Social media headline

In social media, you can pay less attention to word/character counts and keyword optimization. The name of the game for social media is attention-grabbing headlines meant to drive clicks.

To edit your social media headline, from the Yoast SEO section on the Edit Post page, click on the Social tab and edit your Facebook and Twitter titles.

When someone shares your content on these platforms, they will use this custom title you created.

Tool #4: Yoast SEO

Facebook ads

You can test just about anything with Facebook ads. You can test the image, the offer, the price, and of course the headline.

Pick 3 headlines you like best and run a $30 test, $10 for each one. Pick the ad with the highest CTR.

Note: You can also run a free test on Twitter. Tweet out a different headline once a day for 3 days. You can check the results in your Twitter analytics.

Tool #5: Facebook Ads


ConvertKit has built-in A/B testing of email subject lines.

If you send out an email blast to your subscribers after you publish a new blog post, consider conducting an A/B test of your headline.

Here's how A/B testing works with ConvertKit:

1. They send Subject line #1 to 15% of your recipients.

2. They send Subject line #2 to another 15% of your recipients.

3. They wait 4 hours to collect data

4. They send the winning subject line to the remaining 70% of your recipients.

Tool #6: ConvertKit

Capitalize My Title

Unsure of which words to capitalize for your headline? Try this free tool.

With it, it will turn headlines like this:

Wrong: How To Get More Traffic In 2 Weeks Without A Big Ad Budget

Into this:

Correct: How to Get More Traffic in 2 Weeks Without a Big Ad Budget

Tool #7: Capitalize My Title

Capitalize My Title Headline Analyzer

Want a detailed analysis of your headlines? Try this amazing free tool. With it, you'll get:

  • Readability Score: Checks to see how easy your headline is to read
  • SEO Score: Looks at word count, character count, pixel width, power words, and keywords
  • Sentiment Score: Looks for positive and negative words in your headline