Launch Your Blog

How To Grow Your Tribe and Start Making Money

Lesson 9 Module 5

Email marketing is hands down the best way to make money with your website.

Here is the typical workflow of a successful blog to illustrate the critical role email plays in your business:

1. Create. Create amazing content.
2. Promote. Get people to see your content.
3. Grow your tribe. Add an email signup form to turn blog visitors into leads.
4. Build trust. Email your list, provide epic value to establish authority and trust.
5. Convert. Turn those leads into paying customers.

Without having an email list, you're missing the important step of relationship-building. Turning your email list subscribers into true fans of your work is the crucial middle step that you need to make serious money with your website.

I use ConvertKit to manage and stay in touch with my tribe. Here's what you can do with them:

  • add signup forms (and landing pages) on your website.
  • tag subscribers based on which from they subscribed from.
  • send a sequence of automated emails after signup.
  • move them to a difference sequence after purchase.

Here's a one minute video demo of how ConvertKit works:

If you've been using the free version of Mailchimp (or another provider), it's time to make the switch to ConvertKit. That's because ConvertKit just created a new free plan. If you sign up using this link it will let you manage 100 subscribers and unlock email sending functionality for free.

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