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How To Get Free Organic Traffic From Pinterest

Lesson 11 Module 5

The game is always changing. But as it stands right now - Google traffic is getting harder to come by, Facebook wants you to pay for exposure and Instagram is still not a reliable source of traffic.

But there is one platform that is perfectly suited to send massive amounts of free traffic. And that's Pinterest.

Pinterest, unlike Facebook/IG/Twitter/Reddit, is actually designed to send you traffic.

And send traffic they do!

Is Pinterest right for you?

Most Pinterest members use the platform to save ideas they want to try later or for goals they want to achieve.

So if your website has content that gives readers ideas/tips/advice for a goal they want to achieve, your content is a perfect match for Pinterest.

The niches that do well on Pinterest just so happen to be the most profitable niches overall: finance, health, fitness, make money, relationships, food, travel, parenting & lifestyle.

Best of all, Pinterest is perfect for new bloggers because you can start getting traffic from Pinterest right away.

While there is a slight learning curve when you're new, there is nothing in the Pinterest algorithm that punishes new users or new pins.

On the contrary, fresh pins are exactly what Pinterest wants!

How to get free traffic from Pinterest

Without you, a creator, Pinterest has no content. So it's no surprise they reward creators who consistently submit content to their platform.

The emphases for Pinterest starting in 2020 is fresh content (new pin image, but better if it's a new URL too).

Create multiple pins (using Canva) for each of your blog posts. Put them on Pinterest (not all at once), and you'll begin to get traffic from Pinterest within a few days.

How to 10x your Pinterest traffic

Sure, one of your pins can go viral. But to get sustainable Pinterest traffic you need to keep your foot on the pedal.

This means posting fresh content, re-posting your best pins again to relevant boards, joining relevant group boards and posting at peak hours for better engagement.

I personally could not do this without a Pinterest scheduler. The best one by far is Tailwind. It is single-handedly the most useful tool I have in my arsenal. With it, I can schedule pins months in advance, all set to post automatically at peak hours.

But it's more than just the scheduling, my favorite feature is their Tribes feature. In it, you can join together with a group of Pinterest account owners and share each others' content. This is a major way to grow your new account - to have more popular Pinterest users share your content with their audience.

You can sign up for Tailwind for free right here

Let me know if you have any questions about how Tailwind works.

Until next time,