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Day 2: Build your tribe

Lesson 3 Module 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Do Six Figures business bootcamp. Today I'm going to go over how and why you need to build your tribe with an email list.

Your tribe is the key for you to make a six figure income online. Trying to make a sale to a random person who visits your website is the equivalent of trying to make a sale via telemarketing. It’s just not happening. 

People who come to your blog don’t want to give you money. They want you to help them answer the question they searched for.

Their typical journey goes a little something like this:

Do a search > look for the best answer > find the answer > leave.

Your website is the “find the answer” part of that journey.

The problem is that the drive-by visitor sees you once, gets what they want, and then leaves.

The solution is to start an email list. It's the ideal way of getting in front of your audience again.

It is via email that you can foster a deeper relationship with your audience. And these relationships with your tribe members are the key to making serious money online.

Since your email list will be the most powerful weapon of your business, let's get started right away.

Step 1. Sign up with ConvertKit

You need a place to store the emails of people who join your list. I use and recommend using ConvertKit. Click here to get your free account.

Step 2. Add an email signup form on your website

With ConvertKit you can create a simple email signup form you can add to your pages.

But to get subscribers, you need to offer something more than a boring newsletter.

Think: ebook, checklist, cheatsheet, template, printable or a 4 day bootcamp perhaps.

You can make these for free using Canva. Save the final product as a pdf to send to subscribers.

Step 3. Use a list building plugin like Thrive Leads

To really grow your list fast, it helps to use a plugin like Thrive Leads.

With Thrive Leads you fully control the design and locations of your forms. You can test form designs against each other and get analytics showing which forms, offers and form locations work best.

I use them and there's no way I'd be able to grow my list this fast without it.

Step 4. Write a series of automated emails

Now that your list is set up and the forms are on your website, you need to write emails to your subscribers.

In ConvertKit, you can create a series of emails that will be sent to your audience as they sign up.

The first email will be the welcome email and should include a link to the freebie you created in step 2. Use the next 2-5 emails to build trust by providing value.

This email sequence is also called an email sales funnel. The goal of a sales funnel is to build trust and confidence first, before presenting them with a paid offer.

It is during this series of emails where you can convert that drive-by visitor into a true fan and loyal tribe-member.

And it is these true fans who will determine your level of success, because they are the ones who will try and buy everything you recommend.

Tomorrow, we'll go through how to get and grow your audience.

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