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Day 1: Pick a niche that makes money

Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome to the Do Six Figures 4 day bootcamp. In this 4 day business bootcamp I’m going to show you step by step how to start a profitable online business from scratch.

I know how to do this because I’ve done this before (hundreds of times, actually).

Hi I’m Edwin and I’ll be your guide for the next 4 days. I started making money online in 1999 but really got serious about it in 2004. Since then, I’ve gone on to build, buy and sell over 100 websites.

Nowadays I keep it much simpler, spending most of my time working on Do Six FiguresCash The Checks and Okay Keto.

Here's the action plan for the next 4 days:

Day 1: Choose a niche for your business and start a website.
Day 2: Start an email list and build your tribe.
Day 3: Get and grow an audience for free.
Day 4: Set up your business to start making money.

Let’s do this!

Step 1. Pick a profitable niche.

This first step is critical to your future success. Choose the wrong niche and making money will always be an uphill battle.

Rather than thinking of what to sell, think of what transformation you want to offer someone.

For example: Make $1,000 in the next 10 days. Lose 12 pounds in a week. Find the love of your life. Etc.

A profitable niche will offer a transformation. The most profitable niches are: finance, health, fitness, make money & relationships.

Other profitable niches that aren’t so great for selling but are great for traffic are: food, travel, parenting & lifestyle.

Step 2. Get a domain name and hosting.

Next you'll need a domain name for your new business. You’ll want to choose a name that’s easy to say, without dashes or numbers and preferably the .com extension.

You can get a domain name from any domain registrar like GoDaddy. I use Porkbun since it's cheaper.

You're also going to need to pay rent for your website so you need a web host. I recommend Bluehost and SiteGround. As an added bonus, if you choose Bluehost you get a free domain.

You can look for a domain name here.

Step 3. Install WordPress to your website.

Once your domain and hosting is set up, the next step is to install WordPress. This “content management system” allows you to build a powerful website and it's what I use to build all of my websites.

With Bluehost, WordPress comes pre-installed so you'll be set from the get-go.

Step 4. Choose a blog theme.

Now you need to pick a theme for your blog. There’s plenty of free themes to choose from if you want to go that route.

The theme I recommend is the Divi theme. With it, you can design every aspect of your website with their drag-and-drop builder. While it does cost money, it will save you from having to ever hire a designer.

Step 5. Create a logo

To design your own logo, create a free account at Search for “logo” and choose a template, edit and save the file.

You can instead order a logo on for a few bucks.

After you're done, log into WordPress and add it to your blog. If you're using Divi, go to Divi > Theme Options.

Otherwise, your theme usually lets you edit the logo in Customize > Header > Logo

Step 6. Create a home, about and blog page.

In WordPress, add these 3 important pages.

  • A home page. This will serve as a roadmap to your website.
  • An about page. This is where you go into what made you want to start this website.
  • A blog page. This is where you'll keep the library of content you’ll be creating.

You can design these pages using a page builder like DiviElementor or Thrive Architect (what I use). Otherwise, you'll have to rely the default WordPress editor.

To set the root page of your website to be the homepage, in WordPress go to Settings > Reading > Static page and select the home page you just created.

Finally, add these 3 pages to a menu in Appearance > Menus.

Now that your logo and menu items are set, your website, while empty, should be functional.

Step 7. Write your first blog post

Now that your website is built, you need to add content to it. Your content will be the bait used to lure people onto your site.

In WordPress, add your first blog post. You could write an epic how-to guide, a list-style article or a product review. Whatever it is, make sure it’s awesome.

Content is king, everything else is secondary. If you don't create amazing content, you won't ever be able to establish the types of relationships we need to be forming with our readers.

Continue to promise (and deliver) awesome content and your readers will see you as a trusted source in this niche.

Tomorrow I'm going to cover why you need an email list and how to set one up.

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Until next time,