Making Money

Course Blueprint

Lesson 1 Module 1

Welcome and thanks for taking this leap of faith with me. I’m beyond thankful and excited to be able to help you.

If at any time you have a comment or a question, ask me in the comments section. I'm always here to help!

Let's get with it.


1. Blogging Framework

What we're doing and why. These important lessons are what keeps us going through the tough first phase of blogging.

2. Profitable Niches

The riches are in the niches. Not all niches are made the same. I’ll show you which niches make money and how they do it.

3. The World Is Yours

We're going to choose a domain + blog name. This is going to be the brand we're going to build going forward.

4. No Code Blog Set-Up

We're going to get hosting and set up your WordPress blog - without any of that techie stuff - because ain't nobody got time for that.

5. The Art Of Blog Design

Next, we'll design not just a beautiful blog, but a functional one. We'll install some necessary WordPress plugins and create some legal pages too.

6. Power Content

There’s a difference between creating any random blog post and creating awesome content that goes viral and turns a random visitor into a raving fan.

7. Email List Mastery

We're going to start an email list for our new blog. Because bloggers don't actually make money from their blogs, they make money from their email list.

In this module we're starting a list and adding an optin form on the blog. To get more subscribers we'll create a freebie to give away.

8. Traffic Domination

I'll show you how a brand new blog can start getting traffic by harnessing the power of Pinterest.

9. Unlock Monetization

I'm going to show you examples of how real blogs make money to help you craft the ideal monetization strategy for your blog.

Alright, let's get started!