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WordPress Themes

Lesson 19 Module 4

There are thousands of themes to choose from, both free and paid.

I'm going to spend some time going over how to design your blog in the next module, but nevertheless keep in mind that the design of your blog isn't the most important part of your business.

Content is and always will be king. The purpose of your design is to present the content (what really matters) in a way that is easy to consume.

In other words, the job of your blog design is to not draw attention to itself.

I'm going to go over how to design your blog (and everything in it) in the next module. For now we just need to pick a theme and move on!


When it comes to WordPress blog themes, you might be tempted to use a free theme. But in life, we know that nothing of value is ever really free.

the problems with free wordpress themes

  • They are not actually free. Free themes always have a paid pro version. The aim is to provide enough value (so that you install it) and then limit you as much as possible (so you'll upgrade).
  • Stuck with a basic design. When you choose a free theme you are extremely limited with the way your blog looks. The result will be a basic blog that looks like everyone else's.
  • No support. With a free theme you get no help - which means if you mess up your blog, you're on your own.
  • Learn how to code. When you want to make minor modifications to your blog, you'll need to learn basic CSS to make changes to your theme.
  • Pay a designer. For bigger design changes you will need to hire a designer to change the look of your blog.

One huge mistake new bloggers make is they spend way too much time designing their blog, trying to get it to look exactly how they want.

You can take a massive shortcut and start with a theme that is fully customizable.


Divi is the number one theme in the world - by far. Just look at this chart.

You might think that choosing a popular theme will make your blog look like everyone else’s. But every Divi blog is built from scratch so they are all unique.

Here's why I recommend bloggers use this theme:

divi wordpress theme

  • Newbie friendly. Divi is newbie friendly and made for new bloggers. With Divi you won't need to learn how to code to design your blog.
  • Fully customizable. You can design your entire blog on your own in under an hour. That's because Divi isn't a theme, per say. It's a visual builder with a drag and drop editor.
  • Very popular. Divi is the most downloaded and highest rated WordPress theme. Because of this, if there's an issue you're having, odds are it has already been asked before so finding the answer should be fairly easy.
  • Unique blog design. Bloggers using the most popular free themes will have blogs that all look the same. With Divi blogs, each design can look radically different.
  • Email & live chat support. With Divi you get access to their support staff. This way, if you want to make your blog look a certain way, they will show you how.

Here's a sample of just what you can do with the Divi theme:


Here are some real-world bloggers who use Divi.

  • Krista DeLisle - Krista is a web designer who created this one-page website using Divi.
  • A Conscious Collection - Brooke created her lifestyle blog using Divi.
  • This Big Road Trip - This travel blog follows a couples’ adventures as they travel the world.
  • Glamor Hippie - Michelle built this lifestyle blog about living clean with style with Divi.
  • Life Part 2 - Jonathan and Sarah run this adventure travel blog for baby boomers.
  • Easy Living Today - Jessica, a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and mother of two, runs this fitness blog.
  • Better Health by Heather - Heather is a certified health coach who offers coaching services on her Divi-created website.

What these websites have in common is that they were created by first-timers using Divi. And despite using the same theme, the websites all look different.


To get Divi, first register here. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

After you sign up, log in and go to the Downloads section and download the Divi zip file.

To install the theme on your blog, in WordPress go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and upload the file.

For a tutorial on how to design your blog using Divi, go here.