Making Money

Traffic vs Money Blogs

Lesson 12 Module 2

The 7 profitable niches I mentioned in the previous lesson can be divided into two categories: the ones that are high traffic and difficult to monetize and the ones that are low traffic and easier to monetize.

For the sake of simplicity let's call them Traffic blogs and Money blogs.

Traffic blog niches include:

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Lifestyle

Money blog niches include:

  • Making money
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal finance

We can monetize both of these types of blog niches, just in different ways.


Travel, food, parenting and lifestyle are huge niches that get tons of traffic - especially from Pinterest.

To monetize a blog in these niches you can populate your blog with display ads and make money by selling exposure to companies.

  • Display ads - You place ads on your blog and get paid either per click (PPC) or per 1,000 pageviews (CPM).
  • Sponsored ads - This is where you (the influencer) get paid to work with brands who want to create more awareness to their company.

With traffic blogs, your audience becomes your product that you sell to companies.

Better yet, you never have to sell anything to your readers. This allows you, the creator, to focus on creating content your readers want to see.

With traffic blogs the more traffic you get, the more you earn.


Here are some problems you're going to run into if you have a "traffic blog".

  • Difficult to sell a digital product.

Many of these niches are very visual (beauty & fashion) and hands-on (food and travel). As such, it can be hard to sell a non-physical product like an eCourse or an ebook.

While there is intense interest in these topics, the interest doesn't translate into users spending money on an ebook, for example.

  • Difficult getting the reader to come back to your blog.

Take what happens with a wedding blog, for example. Women may have an intense interest in your blog looking for ideas for their wedding. But after this (hopefully) one time event, they'll lose interest in your blog.

For a food blog, users may love your recipes but won't feel compelled to buy something from you. Typically, they land on your blog, get the recipe and then leave.

  • It's difficult to convince the reader to buy something if it's their first time there.

Selling to a cold audience is about the hardest thing you could do. Without having trust built up, it can be difficult for someone to buy your product.

  • You relinquish control of your income.

When you partner with an ad network your income solely relies on them - as they set the payout rates. And as a business owner you always want to be in control of the money.

  • You are a slave to your traffic sources.

Since your income is tied to your traffic, it's harder to earn explosive income. Plus, if your traffic sources disappear, so does your business. This can happen if your Pinterest account gets suspended or you lose your Google ranking.


Monetizing a "money blog" is far easier, as the reader is getting something that will make an immediate impact in their life.

These niches (making money, health & fitness and personal finance) all lead to a transformation that results in more money or better health.

This is where these types of blogs shine. People are willing to pay (and pay big) when you can offer them a radical transformation, especially if it involves living longer and having more money.

There are no limitations to how you can monetize a money blog.

  • Digital product - A product you create like a course or an ebook.
  • Affiliate marketing - Selling someone else's products.
  • Sponsored posts - While not the main source of income, you never want to turn down these opportunities.
  • Display ads - Optional, and used only to supplement your other income sources.


Here are some problems you're going to run into if you have a "money blog".

  • It takes longer to make money.

With a "money blog" we're building a real business. This takes time. It begins with starting an email list, growing your base of followers and ultiamtely building a brand.

  • It requires actually selling something.

With a "money blog" you don't make money if you don't sell something. And when you're a new blogger, it can be a daunting task to learn blogging and selling at the same time.

  • Very time consuming.

A lot of the work done for these types of blogs is behind-the-scenes type stuff. It's not just create content and promote. With a "money blog" your energy will go toward growing and cultivating an audience.

  • Can have less traffic.

Many of the niches in this category have a lower demand. For example, there's plenty more people looking for travel info or recipes than investment help.


I've had blogs in both categories and I prefer Money blogs. While they are more work, they are also less stressful and more rewarding.

It feels 100x better to sell a transformation and help people rather than just seeing your blog visitors as a number on a graph.

The problem with "traffic blogs" is that it is a constant battle to get (and keep) traffic flowing to your blog.

Being a slave to traffic can really wear on you. When midnight hits, the stats reset to zero and the struggle for traffic begins again.

With a money blog, your income builds up slower, but will climb steadily for months and years to come. As such, they are perfect for long term growth.

Regardless of which you choose, the bottom line is that the best niches are those that have a good combination of high traffic + high income potential.