Making Money

The Process Of Choosing A Niche

Lesson 7 Module 2

Let's break down how we are going to choose a niche for our blog.

By choosing the right niche for you, we're going to clear the road of any potential obstacles down the road.

If this first step isn't done right, it will be a steep uphill climb to success. So let's take the time to make the right choice.

To find the right niche, we need to look at three things.


I used to say you should follow your passion. But finding your passion is an exercise in how to waste your time.

You don't need a two week retreat to find yourself.

Now I recommend finding something you would enjoy writing about instead. You might only have one passion, but enjoy 10-15 other things.

You're going to spend an absurd amount of time on this topic, so it should be something you have an intense interest in.

The problem with finding your passion is that this can lead you to make irrational decisions not based on what's good for the business.

Since we're going to always follow the money, we need to make decisions based on numbers, not your heart.


A lot of people want to start a health & fitness blog, which is a great niche to get in to. But they don't have any qualifications. They're not certified personal trainers, dietitians or even have a college degree.

No problem. You don't need to be an expert to share your story (and recommend products that helped you along the way).

For example, I'm going to be starting a keto blog soon. I don't even do keto, but I'm curious to learn more about it. Plus this niche is hot, so I just go to where the money is and strike.


You don't need a new idea. You don't need something unique. You don't need to be original in any way.​

If you have a great unique idea for a blog that no one has ever done, it will probably fail.

The reason why should be obvious. If nobody is doing it, that means there's no money it. You're not going to be "the one" who unlocks this undiscovered topic and becomes a millionaire.

Maybe I just don't dream big enough. But I would rather focus on building winner after winner, rather than trying to make the impossible possible.


By not choosing a profitable niche, your blog is doomed to fail before the digital ink has dried on your first blog post.

After you find a topic you like, know a lot about and is popular, see if there's money to be made.

 If you can find a lot of other bloggers in this niche, that's a good sign they're making money.

See how others in this niche monetize their blogs. Look specifically for bloggers who sell digital products (downloads, courses, ebooks, printables).

Also remember, if this is a journey of 100 steps, they are at step 100 so don't be discouraged. We're just looking to see what monetization strategies they use.

In the next few lessons I'll break it down into more detail.