Making Money

The Most Profitable Niches

Lesson 11 Module 2

The most popular niches all have something in common: they focus on improving peoples’ lives. If your niche can help someone improve their life, you can make money with it.

Here are the basic needs of human beings, according to psychologist Abraham Maslow.


  • Psychological needs - Food, water, shelter, sleep.
  • Safety needs - Personal safety, emotional and financial security.
  • Belongingness and love - The need to belong socially, intimate relationships.
  • Esteem needs - Prestige and feeling of accomplishment.
  • Self-actualization - Achieving your full potential in life.

If your blog fulfills one of these needs, it will make money.

Whether it’s with their health, their relationships or with their finances, the most popular niches are all about self improvement.

Keeping these needs in mind, here are some popular niches to give you an idea of what you can blog about:

  1. 1

Live longer and look better doing it. Who wouldn't want that? Health is a mega-niche that includes hundreds of smaller niches - all very profitable. Main sub-niches include fitness, weight loss and diets.

Here are some examples of some health blogs so you can see how they make money.

  • - Jessica makes money with her blog selling a fitness planner and meal plans.
  • - Adam makes money offering fitness and nutrition coaching.
  • - Gina makes money with ads, off her book, with her podcast and selling fitness plans.
  1. 2

You'll be hard-pressed finding someone who isn't interested in making more money - especially online. Helping people set up or grow an online business is a huge market. Sub-niches include blogging, social media, web design, business coaching, affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

  • Teaches how to set up an e-commerce business selling physical products on Shopify and Amazon.
  • - John makes six figures per month through affiliate marketing, online courses and his podcast.
  • - Pat teaches people how to set up a passive online business.
  1. 3

Travel blogs help others to live their best life. The best ways of making money with travel blogs are paid sponsorships, digital products (ebooks and courses) and display ads.

  • - Tom and Anna make money by recommending travel gear (affiliate marketing), travel guide ebooks and a travel blogging training course.
  • - Melissa via affiliate marketing and display ads.
  • - Matt makes money selling travel guides and courses on travel vlogging and travel photography.
  • - Dan chronicles his travels around the world while making money with display ads and selling his travel guides.
  • - Lia and Jeremy earn a full-time income blogging by working with brands on sponsorships and with display ads.
  1. 4

Managing your money isn't taught in our schools. The result is a nation of people in debt. Personal finance bloggers have stepped in to bridge the gap, educating readers on topics such as frugal living, credit card debt and investing.

Here are some bloggers making a killing by helping people with their finances.

  • - Kyle and his team make money by selling advertising spots and working with brands on ad campaigns.
  • - Rosemarie helps people create a budget and organize their home life. She makes money with ads, working with brands and by offering printables.
  • - Allan blogs about getting out of debt and earns revenue by selling sponsored posts.
  1. 5

A food blog can generate massive traffic. But it can be difficult to sell something to users just looking for recipes. So most food bloggers rely on ads to make money.

  • - Trevor and Jennifer share recipes on their blog and make money with display ads.
  • - Randa monetizes her food blog with sponsored posts and a partnership with a premium ad network.
  • - Lindsay makes money recommending products via Amazon and with display ads.
  1. 6

"Mom blogs" are very popular and get tons of traffic from Pinterest. Most of these sites monetize via display ads.

  1. 7

Lifestyle blogs encompass lots of different topics such as: beauty & fashion, DIY, home decor, organization and homesteading.

  • - Grace and Silas blog about money, travel, food and everything in between in their women's lifestyle blog. Their monetization method is display ads.
  • - Joanna blogs about style, design, food, travel, relationships and motherhood while monetizing her blog via affiliate marketing.
  • - Brock makes money via display ads, affiliate marketing and selling his own style guide for short guys.
  • - Christy blogs about everything family on her blog and she makes money with her Etsy store.