Making Money

Overcoming Fears

Lesson 3 Module 1

I wanted to include this lesson in the course because fear is a huge hurdle for many everyone.

I wish I could give you the secret to eliminating fear but I haven't found it yet. Even right now I'm afraid of creating this lesson. This whole fear thing just won't go away.

The solution? Feel the fear - and do it anyway.

This is the only way to move forward.

Here are some common fears new bloggers have - and how to move past them.


Stop thinking you need to be special to do this. You don't need to be a genius. Degrees and IQ scores don't matter.

When it boils down to it, the singular goal of your blog will be to help someone solve a problem. I hate to simplify it but that's all it takes - to take someone from point A to point B.

If you can help people take that next step forward, you and your knowledge are valuable.


The fear of being different is real. It's so much safer to blend in and follow all the rules. 

We're trained from day 1 to play it safe and follow the rules. You go to school, graduate, work a 9 to 5 until you're old and gray, then you retire.

I nearly fell into that trap. Luckily I was able to quit college before I wound up in debt.

After seeing my father live his whole life paycheck to paycheck, never escaping the rat race, I vowed to never let that happen to me.

I started my first business alone and kept it a secret. I was doing something different and that was scary because I feared being ridiculed. The last thing I ever wanted to hear was "I told you so" if I failed.

Here's how I was able to keep pushing through the fear.

I embraced being different. I just did the opposite of what everyone else was doing, no matter what it was.

I was influenced by Apple's "being different" commercials (one and two). It made me feel like being different was awesome, because it is.


All of the fears I mentioned are real. But let's put them into perspective.

What's the worse that can happen?

You start a blog, make a little money here and there, but never become a millionaire? Listen, it's a blog, get over it!

I'll tell you what you should be afraid of. How about...

  • 50 years of hard labor, taking orders from a boss you hate.
  • The stock market crashing and your seeing your 401k slashed in half.
  • Inflation going up, devaluing your precious savings.
  • Working until your body is physically unable to keep working.
  • Not living long enough to enjoy your retirement nest egg.

Whenever you're facing a challenge throughout your blogging journey, just think of the alternative. It'll scare you right back into action.


My daughter sings this song (I can't get it out of my head) about some kids going on a bear hunt. They encounter obstacles along the way and they sing "We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we have to go through it!".

That's what you have to do with any obstacles that get in your way. You're just going to have to keep pushing through them - always going in a straight line to the end goal.

Here's a simple exercise to help you push through your fears.

Write out what you fear (as it relates to starting a business).

Then write the worst case scenario if each fear becomes realized.

Once you do this, something magical happens. The fears that were so powerful and crippling in your head will appear so silly on paper. When I tried this exercise, I couldn't even finish writing them because these "fears" were such a joke.

You’re either going to make excuses about why you can't do it - or make it happen, so let's do this!

  • Idelise says:

    Thanks for posting the links for the Apple commercials. I’ve seen the Think Differently one before but never the Perspective one. I love being different.

  • Mia Angela says:

    Hey Edwin, love the Apple commercial. Thanks for sharing! We all need that those of inspiration.

  • Pen