Making Money

Customer Journey

Lesson 6 Module 1

Whenever I want to do something, I look at the end goal first and work my way backwards.

Mapping the path out is important for any journey. Blogging is no different.

The end is making money. So let's start there and work our way back.

1. At the end, we want someone to buy our product (or a product we recommend).

2. To do that, they need to trust that you are the person who can help them solve their problem.

3. To gain that trust, you need to provide value over a length of time. They say someone has to see your offer 7 times before they buy.

4. To build trust, you need them on your email list so you can communicate with them.

5. To get them on your email list, you need to provide a freebie to entice them to give up their email.

6. For them to see this freebie, they need to end up on your website first.

7. To get people on your website, you need to promote your content.

8. Which means you need to write awesome content people actually want to see.

9. Finally, you need to write awesome headlines to drive those clicks.

That's the customer journey in a nutshell and the direct path to a profitable blog.

headline → content → freebie → email sequence → sales