Making Money

Building A Brand

Lesson 14 Module 3

When you're choosing a domain name, you're doing a little more than just registering your home on the web. You are choosing a brand name.


Even when I'm starting from zero with a new blog I visualize the end goals. I think clothing line, celebrity endorsements, investment from venture capitalists and a multi-billion dollar acquisition.

I guess you can say I like to think big.

So when I'm choosing a domain name, I want to choose a brandable name I can envision becoming something major.


A bland generic blog isn't going to be successful. The same concept applies to generic domain names.

If you want to start a blog on dog training, the generic name Dog Training Info isn't going to cut it. I'd much rather get the brand name Obedient Doggie.

It's the same reason I would prefer instead of

Starting a fitness blog? I prefer over the generic-sounding


With a blog - you are the brand. You might use a brand name, but what you are actually selling is yourself.

While my brand name is Six Figure Bloggers, I had to sell myself as a good source of blogging knowledge.

As such, if you plan to be the focus of your blog, an alternative to choosing a brand name is to use your first and last name as the brand name.

Using your name as your brand is useful if you're going to offer one on one coaching, personal training or some type of personal service.

Think,, etc.

The downside here is that it will be more difficult to cash out and sell your brand/business.


When you choose a domain name, you are buying digital real estate. And when you build your website, you are essentially developing the land.

The more you develop the land the higher in value your real estate goes.

Buying and developing a brand is a long term investment play. And as with any investment, you need an exit strategy.

When you create a brand (rather than just any random domain name) you are building something you can sell. Choosing a "brandable" name goes a long way toward having an appreciating and sellable asset if you want to cash out down the road.