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Course overview:

  • Day 1 - Pick a profitable niche

The riches are in the niches! I'll walk you through how to choose a blog topic that actually makes money online.

We'll also start a blog with Bluehost and WordPress and design it with Astra and Elementor.

If that's not enough, we'll also design a logo using Canva and write your first blog post with the help of Grammarly.

  • Day 2 - Build your tribe

The path to building a six-figure blog starts with forming a connection and building a tribe of 1,000 true fans.

I'll help you get set up to start email marketing with a free ConvertKit account.

  • Day 3 - Grow your audience

I'll show you how to explode your reach with next-level tactics to get free organic traffic from Pinterest and Google.

We'll use Tailwind to capitalize on free Pinterest traffic.

  • Day 4 - Make money

On the last day we're going to set up multiple income streams to start making money with your blog.

I'll go over the exact monetization strategies I've used on multiple successful blogs.

Who created this course:

Hi there! I'm Edwin, husband, #girldad, and founder of Do Six Figures. I went from having $22,625.24 in credit card debt to becoming debt-free and a six-figure blogger in 3 short years.

Since starting my first blog in 2004, I've gone on to purchase our dream home, buy my dream car, and retire my RN wife!

Edwin Contreras
Founder, Do Six Figures

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