7 Best Gaming Blogs for Your Inspiration

7 Best Gaming Blogs for Your Inspiration

Best gaming blogs

Blogs are an excellent resource for informative and engaging content across various topics, and gaming is no exception. While YouTube channels and other streaming sites are ideal for gaming content, gaming blogs also offer readers detailed analyses, reviews, and constant updates that are easy to read through — without depending on timestamps or rewinding videos!

The anticipated growth of gaming in the next few years has also led to a surge in related blog content, so there’s no better time to get started on your own. Here are some of the best gaming blogs to draw inspiration from.

Overall Gaming: Polygon

Many gaming websites and blogs started out as magazines, but Polygon made its way into the digital scene headfirst. What sets Polygon apart is that it features the gamers and developers themselves rather than just the games.

Overall Gaming: Kotaku

Kotaku is another blog that is an excellent resource for all things gaming. Loved for its humor, you’ll certainly enjoy browsing gaming news, tips, reviews, and more. The authors at Kotaku also cover more specific gaming topics, such as hardware, board games, and others.

RPG: Roleplaying Tips

If you’re into RPG, then Roleplaying Tips is a great gaming blog to check out. Johnn Four has an impressive archive of useful game master tips, mostly focusing on fantasy settings on Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) that can also apply to different RPGs and settings. There are numerous benefits to roleplaying games, such as creativity, self-efficacy, and social skills, all of which are worth touching on in your own blog if you choose to focus on RPGs.

Poker Games: Andrew Neeme

Though poker in its current form has been around since the early 19th century, some sources can trace it as far back as 17th century France and even 10th century China. Since then, it has become a popular card game for millions of players worldwide, from casual fans to professionals. And for enthusiasts like Andrew Neeme, there’s plenty to learn from poker.

Aside from the quiet logic of card hands, there are also the mental benefits of playing poker, like resilience and emotional intelligence. On his blogs, Neeme talks about his wins, losses, and mistakes, stating that he learned what works and more about his personal strengths in the process. In addition to updating his blog, Andrew Neeme has also started a vlog to detail his adventure, garnering over a hundred thousand subscribers in just a couple of years.

Roulette: Roulette Physics

For those who prefer casino games that don’t require them to invest hours of their time, Roulette Physics is a blog dedicated to roulette strategy. This blog takes a seemingly random game and with the “world’s largest team of professional players” they offer authority advice on how to win at the wheel, both at physical casinos and online.

A great example of how a really niche game can be heavily explored and talked about as long as the blog has the right people.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO): MMO Bomb

MMO Bomb takes the cake for one of the best resources available for MMO enthusiasts and experts alike. Developed and manned by members with years of experience in videogame journalism and players worldwide, this independent distribution platform has free-to-play games and an extensive gaming community.

Alongside improving the blog, those behind it aim to offer visitors valuable tools and features to promote productive and intelligent discussions on free-to-play games.

Mobile Games: PocketGamer.biz

Mobile games have taken the world by storm in recent years, and PocketGamer.biz has created an excellent repository of comprehensive market overviews suitable for daily reading. Included in this blog are product deep dives, video content, and detailed features on every type of mobile game.

They also have a pool of excellent writers who keep up with mobile gaming events, providing professionals and enthusiasts with tools to intelligently navigate the industry.

Wrapping it up

These blogs demonstrate what it takes to succeed in setting up a gaming blog. Whether you choose to feature MMO games, poker, or a combination of gaming categories on your own blog, hopefully, these best gaming sites have given you the inspiration to start a blog of your own. Who knows, within a couple of years, you might be the go-to for other aspiring bloggers!

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