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Edwin Contreras

Founder, Do Six Figures

Hi I'm Edwin! Do you want to escape the 9-to-5 rat race, become your own boss, and live the six-figure laptop lifestyle?

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About edwin

Hi there! I'm Edwin, husband, girl-dad, and founder of Do Six Figures. I went from having $22,625.24 in credit card debt to becoming debt-free and a six-figure blogger in 3 short years.

Since starting my first blog in 2004, I've gone on to purchase our dream home, buy my dream car, and retire my RN wife!

And now, I'm ready to show you exactly how I did it so you too can live the six-figure lifestyle.

Hi there! I started my first blog (Cash The Checks) way back in 2004. In internet years, that makes me a dinosaur.

After building over 100 blogs the last 15+ years, I now help people (just like you) start an online business.

So if you want to escape the 9-5 rat race, become your own boss and make serious money online — stick around!

Ready to begin your six-figure journey?

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